Remotely Operated Radiation Tolerant
Underwater Camera and Inspection Systems
for the Nuclear Power Industry

R.O.V. Technologies Inc.

R.O.V. Technologies, Inc.




Our Mission:

As we journey through the 21st century, the objective of the nuclear industry continues to be intuitively clear.  Government Regulatory Groups, as well as utility management, are insisting on reducing the amount of radiological dose received by nuclear workers.  To that end, R.O.V. Technologies, Inc. is committed to providing state of the art robotic equipment and highly skilled professional operations and management personnel to the nuclear industry.  As President and CEO of R.O.V. Technologies, Inc., I continue to pledge corporate support for continued research and development in our present product line as well as innovative new products and continued advanced training for our professional staff.
  John J. Judge, Jr.


About Us:

R.O.V. Technologies, Inc. is a Vermont-based, privately held and veteran-owned corporation and is a recognized leader in the nuclear power industry for innovation in design, manufacture and operation of remote operated vehicle inspection systems.

Major utilities have relied on R.O.V. Technologies, Inc. for custom engineered solutions for specific tasks, NRC IN's, I & E Bulletin items, and programmatic outage support since 1989.  We offer a full line of radiation tolerant wet/dry inspection, process control, and FME retrieval systems, both LSA rental and new, designed specifically for the nuclear power industry. 

Our staff of nuclear professionals is available 24/7 - our on-site NRC licensed RCA facility and LSA material shipping license allow us to mobilize for emergent situations within hours of the initial call.